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El Enemigo Chardonnay 2016

El Enemigo Chardonnay 2016

El Enemigo Chardonnay 2016 - (Mendoza, Argentina) This Argentinian Chardonnay is a gold-green opaque color, with oaky aromas of popcorn, buttered corn and stone fruits that open to a full-bodied rich and fruity palate of cream, pie-crust and caramel character. Aged in French oak, this wine is toasty, spicy and salty, refreshing with honey notes, exotic dried-fruit character, pineapple and mangoes. The winemaker, Alejandro Vigil, allowed for a longer élevage sous voile, up to 13 months, which gives the wine it's authentic yeasty and spicy character.

Food Pairing - Pork, Rich fish (salmon, tuna etc), Vegetarian, Poultry

About - El Enemigo translates as the enemy. Nodding to the fact that at the end of any journey, most remember only one battle — the one fought within (the original enemy). This is the battle that defines us. The wines of El Enemigo are a tribute to those internal battles that make us who we are, brought to fruition by a winemaker, Alejandro Vigil, and a historian, Adrianna Catena who share a love of wine and the history of Argentina. 

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